Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Upcoming Kids Art Session Sat 4th May at Gallery 10am

Kids Art Session Saturday 4th May at 10am at the Gallery!
See event notice on Facebook.

Unburdened with ideas on color theory and technique, children draw, paint and color with freedom and abandon.  

We can learn from kids to become better artists by exploring our world through their eyes.  All is so fresh and new which reflects in their art. 

Feeling uninspired? Go back to basics.  
Grab a box of crayons and a blank sheet of paper to see what you can create. Observe your kid's drawing and draw with them. Even coloring in can help free your mind and inspire ideas for your own art.  Have FUN!

Friday, April 12, 2013

GoMA Kids APT7 on Tour 12 April 2013 - Recipe Meal Placemat - Drawing

Friday 12 April Lea Stevens ran the GoMA Kids APT7 on Tour Drawing Activity by Roslisham Ismail (aka Ise) Sira pisang -'Glazed banana' .  

See album on Facebook

Children illustrated and shared their favourite meal / recipe on a specially designed placemat. 

Children also received a traditional Malaysian recipe, beautifully illustrated by the artist, which they can then cook and share at home.

GoMA Kids APT7 on Tour 11 April 2013 - Masks

Thursday 11 April Betty Clarke and Heather Willcox ran a Drawing on Masks Activity by Uji Handoko Eko Saputro (aka Hahan) 'Memento Masko' Activity inspired by mask-making traditions across Indonesia a series of black-and-white masks the kids completed by drawing their own facial expressions.  See full photo album on Facebook

GoMA Kids APT7 on Tour 10 April 2013 - Drawing & Painting

Parents and Kids turned up to run their own GoMA inspired art session on Wednesday 10 April.  Some of the members who are also parents assisted and the kids got into the paints, pencils, markers and treats!  A fun day for the School Holidays.  It's been a busy week for the gallery supporting the kids but well worth it!

Looking back to May 2012 when we were attempting to raise funding to do the Cooktown Art - Evolving Pozible Project it was all looking grim but as time went on we managed with the wonderful generosity of Endeavour Lions and George Theobald and locals and Cook Shire RADF to get the funding we needed to buy in art supplies!  It has all paid off if the art activities are a measure of success!

Monday, April 8, 2013

GoMA Kids APT7 on Tour 9 April 2013 - Comic Art

Locals were welcomed to the Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery where we held a:
Comic Book Art Session to drawn in or glue cut outs onto comic templates using art materials provided by GoMA Kids APT7 on Tour. 
They made a story in a comic style by drawing comic characters with various pencils and marker pens. The kids had loads of fun and left eager to do even more cartooning! 

 Hahan and friends provided for Regional Queensland kids and families to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Asia Pacific Triennial series by participating in Kids’ APT7 on Tour with Indonesian artist Hahan (Uji Handoko Eko Saputro) developing a richly illustrated activity book, presented in a format appealing to kids. 

Kids received a copy of the activity book to try their hand at creating a comic style self-portrait, flip book, comic strip or even design their own t-shirt.

See the full album on Cooktown Kids Art Facebook

Sunday, April 7, 2013

GoMA Kids APT7 on Tour 8 April 2013 - 'Persian for Kids'

GoMA Kids APT7 on Tour 8 April 2013

GoMA Kids APT7 on Tour - Persian for kids 2012 at Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery Saturday 8 April 2013 was a lot of fun. 
Cooktown Kids had the chance to try the art activity by artist Parastou Forouhar titled 'Persian for Kids'. Using Farsi script cutouts and animal templates kids created zoomorphic images. The Farsi script filled the animal shape with texture to form a compelling image. 
We also used the multimedia activity. Kids manipulated Farsi script and animal silhouettes on the computer to create their own zoomorphic image and watched their Farsi creature become animated. The creature they created was then shared with friends and family via email. 

Click to see Facebook Album! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Kids Art Session Saturday 6 April 2013

Kids at gallery for monthly art session. See the Facebook Album for all pics! Mainly using acrylic paints and inks to create light to dark contrast and depth. Also some drawing and younger kids did colour mixing - fun creating the colour of 'skin' and 'blood' by themselves via experimentation. Also glass painting with translucent paints and small battery powered tea lights inserted in glass as night lights. Fun day! Thanks kids for all your enthusiasm and talent :-)

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