Saturday, December 8, 2012

Early 2013 in Cooktown Kids APT7 on Tour!

Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) and Cooktown Art will facilitate Kids’ APT on Tour in Cooktown during the summer school holidays in early 2013.

Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Gallery’s ‘Asia Pacific Triennial series’ (APT), Kids’ APT on Tour will comprise a range of artist projects developed especially for kids. Kids can explore and experience diverse contemporary art styles and approaches through a range of activities including drawing, multimedia interactives and moving image.

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The Kids’ APT on Tour* program will be held in early 2013. ‘On Tour’ Artist Projects include:-
• Daniel Boyd History is made at night 2012 using the ‘dot’ as a lens for viewing the world - a multimedia interactive that allows players to reveal information about a hidden image via screens of dots.

• Parastou Forouhar - Persian for kids 2012 an activity that uses the script of the Farsi language. Kids create their own animal form shaped from Farsi lettering.

• Uji Handoko Eko Saputro (aka Hahan) Memento masko 2012 is inspired by mask-making traditions across Indonesia with a series of black-and-white masks for kids to complete by drawing their own facial expressions.

• Roslisham Ismail (aka Ise) Sira pisang (Glazed banana) 2012. Kids illustrate and share their favourite meal on a specially designed placemat and receive a traditional Malaysian recipe, beautifully illustrated by the artist, which they can then cook and share at home.

• Tromarama Wattt?! 2010. The imaginary after-dark activities of lamps take centrestage in the playful film Wattt?!. Set in a typical living room, a desk lamp is supported by a cast of colourful lights in this fun stop-motion animation.

An additional aspect of Kids’ APT7 on Tour will celebrate the role of artists in communities with a Comic / Cartoon Workshop related to the activity book 'Hahan and Friends' created in collaboration with the Children’s Art Centre and Indonesian artist Hahan. Focused on his comic book style of illustration it will provide insight into his drawing techniques and materials he uses.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Crafts & Face Painting

December Kids Art Session at the gallery on Saturday 1st December 2012 was a great day with loads of kids turning up - 21 signed in the book.  See more photos on Facebook!

We had lots of fun learning how to do Clown Face Painting by 'Bozo' the Clown (AKA Bob) and Christmas Crafts for the kids to paint pictures, cards, trinket boxes and Butterfly Wings - glitter was in the air!

Art Activities Christmas Craft

Bozo the Clown teaching Clown Face Painting

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