Friday, September 7, 2012

School Holiday's 'Pop-Up' Art Sessions

Soon the kids will have a break from school so let the arty fun begin! Lets 'Mix It Up' with mixed media art created by our own Cooktown Kids! Creating artworks that combine more than one art medium, combinations of pencil, paint, or possibly clay, wire, wood, metal, etc., with the opportunity to use collage materials.

Have the kids search through the house for old cards, magazines, natural found objects or reuse items that have been discarded and lets see what we can create.

On Saturday 22nd September the School Holiday start and so should we! For creative art activities look no further than the Kids Art Society with 'Pop-Up' session at the gallery!

Don’t allow the words “I’m bored,” in your house this school holiday instead hear the the words “I had such great fun!”

For kids who register with Kids Art Society before the School Holidays we offer their choice of a free art pad for drawing or painting.

Call Faye on 0434356364 or email for more information.
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