Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Next Kids Art Session - Painting

*****  Painting Session Soon!  *****
 At the Gallery - Air Conditioned Comfort
Saturday 2nd March 10am - 12md
FREE with all Art Materials Supplied
 Will Need to Register if not a member of Kids Art Society!
Contact Faye on 0434356362

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kids Art Session 2 Feb 2013 - Polymer Clay Modelling

There isn't a kid out there that doesn't enjoy molding, sculpting and squishing clay. These days, the clays of choice for kids' extends to many types and colours.  The polymer modeling clays feel like natural clay and stay soft at room temperature, but can be easily hardened by air-drying or in a kitchen oven instead of a high-temperature kiln.  More photos on Facebook Album!

Cooktown kids are quite talented when it come to making models.  We love seeing their creations. To do the same you'll need modeling clay in an assortment of colors, shaping tools, wires and alfoil for larger models a great imagination and time!  Have a go!

Cute penguins, a tank, a giraffe, a wolf, a rose bouquet, a face, hearts and a bear made by kids attending art session at galley Saturday.  Modeling clay is a great activity or craft that depending on the child's age can develop tactile and fine motor skills development for the little ones, and three dimensional/sculptural learning for the bigger ones!

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